04 / Siebe Mees

In a quick and efficient project, I converted my traditional PDF CV into a dynamic personal website in less than an hour, using minimalist design principles and simple web development techniques. This conversion was driven by the goal of making my professional credentials more accessible and attractive to potential employers and employees. By translating my CV into a web format, I not only modernised the presentation of my skills and experiences, but also demonstrated my ability to use digital tools for effective personal branding.


Brizy, Figma


Code, Design

The end product is a sleek, user-friendly website that offers visitors an intuitive exploration of my professional journey. This platform not only increases the visibility of my qualifications, but also showcases my skill in web development and design. Through this project, I have created a personal digital footprint that stands out and offers attractive and direct access to professional opportunities.

"Turned a PDF into a full-blown website in an hour -- Shh, no ego here"

Siebe Mees